Who am I?

Hi there , my name is Kay. What’s yours? Nice to meet you! I’m a 21 year old who’s traveling all by myself asking random people to teach me whatever. But I guess you already figured that out! 🙂

So… about me.

  • Kay Snels
  • Happy birthday: 26th of September
  • Born in Antwerp, Belgium
  • 21 y/o
  • Food & people lover
  • Dance teacher (student job)
  • Travel obsessed
  • Slightly insane
  • Biggest fan of “Kidibul” which is fizzy apple juice for kids
  • Crazy about owls
  • Looking for long term happiness

So who are you? What’s your story? Let’s go for a coffee! Or even better… let’s go for a tea. Send me whatever on kay@teachmewhatever.com and I’ll respond. I promise.


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