Teach me something about Pinocchio

Geppetto, a poor old wood carver, was making a puppet from a tree branch. “You shall be my little boy,” he said to the puppet, “and I shall call you ‘Pinocchio’.” He worked for hours, carefully carving each detail. When he reached the mouth, the puppet started making faces at Geppetto. “Stop that, you naughty boy,” Geppetto scolded, “Stop that at once !” “I won’t stop !” cried Pinocchio. “You can talk !” exclaimed Geppetto. “Of course I can, silly,” said the puppet. “You’ve given me a mouth to talk with.” 

Pinocchio  is  the fictional protagonist of the children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883), by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. But did you know he originally had a white hat instead of a red one? Well, I didn’t. Here’s the reason why…

Do you promise me you will check out my other videos? Don’t lie because you know what happens if you do. 😉


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  1. Froy says:

    Filmpjes om vrolijk van te worden, telkens weer!

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