Teach me how to skateboard.

While wandering around the streets of Shoreditch, I discovered a pop-up gallery that supports young artists. By retweeting the artwork you liked using #100aires, you could become the owner of it. Thanks to the retweets of my lovely followers, yeah you, I won a “Samuel Eyles” that I was crazy about. When I decided to pick it up at the pop-up gallery…

… two skateboarders passed by. I asked if they were interested in showing me the basics of skateboarding. And I’m so glad they said “yes”!

Learning of the day: I guess life is a little like skateboarding as well, you have to take risks, fall and try again… in order to get better. Jasmine & Oli, if you read this: thanks!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Froy says:

    Ha, that was a cool video/lesson! 😀 Although I wouldn’t have said they were just 15, thought they were a little bit older 😀 Cool people! 😀

  2. Nathan says:

    Hi , i read and watched your sharing.. it is not risk..look like dangerous but let is a cool girl ❤

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