teachmewhatever x musketon

In this episode Belgian illustrator Musketon (Bert Dries) teaches me how to make an original & personal business card. “Why not make a sticker?” he said. And the rest is history. Bert and Toon, thank you so much for supporting me! Keep an eye on Musketon’s Instagram for more awesome illustrations. A true perfectionist, incredibly kind person  and  a wise teacher. Wanna learn something? Would you like him as your teacher as well? Then make sure you go to one of his workshops.

Protips & learnings by Musketon:

1. Be different. For example: make a sticker instead of a traditional business card.
2. Make it personal. Drawing your own face will make people remember you.
3. Before getting started,  make a new layer. You don’t want to be drawing over your picture.
4. To add presure to the lines you’re drawing, pick “stylus pressure”.
5. You don’t have to draw your lines in a single movement. You can connect them later.
6. To draw an eye, put your mouse in the center of your iris and then press the option key + shift and drag a circle. This way it’s perfectly shaped and way easier.
7. Keep improving until you have the perfect illustration. Be a perfectionist.

Had a lot of fun meeting the two masterminds behind Musketon  and I can’t wait to show you the result, people!

P.S. Bert, if you read this: Thank you so much for this cool opportunity, I really really really appreciate it!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Froy says:

    Uw fantastische lach wordt volgens mij nog uw handelsmerk! 😀

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