Upload a picture with a complete stranger & win!
(new friends, polaroid magnets & scratch maps)  


Challenge accepted! What to do? 

1. Get out of your comfort zone, go to a public place (train station, Gentse Feesten, Tomorrowland, Sfinks mixed, the other side of the world) and take a picture with a complete stranger. Ask them for a quote describing their passion, hobby or special skills. For example: “Skateboarding is like living, you fall, get up and try again”

2. Upload that picture & quote on AS MANY social media you can: Instagram, teachmewhatever’s Facebookwall, your own Facebook wall, Twitter, Snapchat or you can even use it as a personal challenge for your blog! Tell your friends you got challenged by #teachmewhatever, @teachmewhatever or! Or all 3. 😉 

3. Comment the inspirational quote under my original contest status, so others can read it.

MIND:  Make sure you tag the “teachmewhatever” Facebookpage correctly! If you upload the picture  with your smartphone, sometimes you can’t tag a page straight away. No problem! Post your picture anyway but make sure to edit that post on your laptop to tag “teachmewhatever” afterwards. Thanks!

DONE! You’ve now entered the competition.  Good luck! 

Would you like to take it to the next level and help me out? Great!

  •  Go crazy, challenge yourself and get more chance to win by taking pictures with A LOT of strangers. 14, 15, 16, lost count?
  • Keep an eye on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat! During the competition I’ll upload a movie featuring all the random strangers I’ve started talking to during my travels. I have to set an example, right? It would be great if you shared that video!

Sounds cool! What can I win? How will you pick a winner? 

Talking to a stranger is ALWAYS a big win. In this competition it’s not about getting a lot of likes, it’s about liking what you just did!  Besides, now you have a nice pick up line to start talking with that cute guy/girl. So much win! 😉  On top of that, there’s a material prize as well! I’ll choose a winner based on how many tissues (tears of joy) I’ll need reading your quote and seeing you talk to a new person.

FIRST BEST PICTURE/QUOTE: Scratch map, 2 polaroid magnets & little surprise
SECOND BEST PICTURE QUOTE: Scratch map & 1 polaroid magnet & little surprise
THIRD BEST PICTURE/QUOTE: Polaroid magnet & little surprise
Random pictures: 1 polaroid magnet to put your badass picture on your refrigerator 😉

EDIT: I’ll announce the winners by the end of October! 

Thank you so much for spreading the wor(l)d. if we all join the movement, this will be something really cool!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ines says:

    Zo wijs! Als ik er aan denk probeer ik zeker mee te doen 😀

  2. Froy says:

    Ik probeer zeker mee te doen! 😀

  3. Leuk, als ik het niet vergeet(wat misschien wel gebeurt) ga ik meedoen!

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