Storytelling pictures (+SEO interview)

Unexpected and random, just how I like it. One hour later I met William who was a fun-loving guy but mainly a deeply passionate (wedding) photographer. “It’s not about how people look, it’s about how people feel” he said. After hearing William’s tips and tricks for taking storytelling pictures, we were standing in front of the house where we just recorded everything. All of a sudden, a couple shows up with the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. William starts recording and says: “Apply all the things you’ve learned on them, this is perfect!”. And so our day ended with a feeling of great accomplishment. Thank you so much for sharing your work (and SEO approach) with me, William. Like this video? Let me know on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat 😉

Make sure to read this interview about how SEO changed William’s life:

What’s the secret to your success? I don’t think there are secrets actually. It’s a lot of hard work and determination. But one of the things that helped me a lot when I was just starting my business, was to be well positioned on Google’s search results. SEO in general.

When did you first start using SEO for your work? About four and a half years ago, when I started doing destination wedding photography.

Would you consider your SEO approach ‘trial and error’ or did you have a strategy? I did have a strategy. I decided to be very selective on the venues or locations I wanted to get hired for. So instead of going too general, targeting big demographics, I decided to target specific locations and venues, so people could find me, while looking for information for those places.

Do you know other photographers who apply SEO? I do. Many of my friends have started making changes to their blogs and websites.

Last question: to which places have you been so far and where would you still like to go? I’ve had the honor to be hired to shoot weddings all over the world, from Cancun all the way to Los Cabos in Mexico. From New York to San Francisco, as well as Argentina and Colombia in South America, and Madrid in Europe. I would love to shoot a wedding In Bali, Indonesia, Santorini, Greece or Japan.


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