Travel pro tips

PROTIP #1: Befriend complete strangers while flying from one destination to another and couchsurf at their house. 

Oh yes, I did. On the very first day of #teachmewhatever I flew from Brussels to Lisbon. Up in the air, I started talking with a couple of solo travelers. Having a good feeling, I went straight to their house to join them for dinner. I stayed one night at a hostel (just to be sure, you know) and spent the rest of my week on different couches. Attention: Only do this when there’s a good vibe! It’s also a good idea to mention the address of your couchsurf host to one of your friends.

PROTIP#2: Only take swimwear with you and leave your underwear at home.
And be prepared to get some weird looks as well. Haha. Probably the best (yet strangest) decision of my whole trip, but I definitely recommend you to try this if you’re into light weight traveling. I have chosen to take 5 bikinis with me. Here’s why:

  • Time saving:Wear it overday, quickly wash it in the sink with some pocket soap and let it dry overnight. No need to wait for a washing machine. Also, normal underwear takes so much more time to dry.
  • Light weight:You only need 1 bikini or swimming trunk if you really wanna go hardcore.
  • Fun: Feel like jumping into that river? Go for it!
  • Pranks: We all know someone that simply loves to push people into the swimming pool. I’m sure you have someone on your mind right now. Well, no problem if you’re wearing swimwear right?
  • Others:Can you think of more reasons? Tweet them using hashtag #teachmewhatever!

PROTIP#3: Ear plugs & flip-flops, trust me.

PROTIP#4: Leave small messages behind in magazines or news papers and wait for others to find them

Being social media minded, I like to link offline to online, that’s why I wrote small notes on airplane & train magazines mentioning they can find #teachmewhatever on Instagram. You can’t imagine how excited I get whenever someone tells me they found me because of a note. So… you should do that too!

PROTIP#5: When traveling to a rainy city, buy a feel good raincoat.

When I traveled to London, I knew the weather would be unpredictable. That’s why I bought a silly raincoat so I would get really excited when it would start raining. Let me teach you how to get the LONDON LOOK in 5 steps:

  1. Fall in love with a silly rain coat.
    2. Don’t think. Just buy it.
    3. Put your sunglasses on your head.
    4. Take 101 model-ish pictures in front of tourist traps.
    5. Get really excited when it starts raining, so you can rock that London look.

Do you enjoy reading my protips? Would you like more of them? Let me know 🙂

Disclaimer:  Any opinions expressed above are mine but are (usually) not the opinions of anyone else on the planet. In fact, if you agree with the above protips you’re probably as crazy as I am. Keep this guide out of reach of tourists, it is for real travel purposes only.  Avoid prolonged exposure this page, it makes you wanna travel. By constantly filling this list with new findings, I aim to inspire you. If you enjoy reading, I would simply love it if you (ab)use the share buttons. Enjoy your next destination. Lots of love. 



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