Favorite spots in Europe


To do: Don’t get on those ridiculous segways. Ever. Instead rent some Green Bikes which are way cheaper than any other bikes in the city. Only €10 /day!
Shop at:
 A small boutique called “1er Acto” @ Carrer Avinyó and a rather unknown but huge Mango Outlet @ Carrer de Girona.
Eat at: tapas bar Champañeria Can Paixano @ Carrer de la Reina Christina if you want to be surrounded by locals only.
Snooze at: BonMoustache hostel , they’re awesome.

To do: check out “Cultura Grátis Lisboa” to find the coolest activities going on in the city at that moment. It’s in Portuguese though. Obrigada 😉
Shop at: I don’t know! Can you believe I didn’t shop over here? I was probably too busy eating.
Eat at: Casa Pasteis De Belem, a real tourist trap but you just have to!
Snooze at: Equity Point hostel, value for money guaranteed. They have rain showers. R a i n  s h o w e r s.

To do: Take a small piece of the John Lennon wall home with you. Have a drink and watch a game at Riegrovy sady beer garden.  In my opinion a way better beer garden than the other ones. Really good vibes, tasty beers and a big screen to watch sports! Oh… and don’t forget to have a look at the second ugliest building and the mostdisappointing tourist trap in the world.
Shop at: Any place in the old town.
Eat at: Kofein. The best meal of my whole eurotrip.
Snooze at: Hostel One Prague or Hostel One Home, these two hostels do plenty of activities together like visiting the bone church. The first one’s a real party hostel with “family” vibes. Loved every second I’ve spend over there.

To do: Relax at Villa Borghese, a very big park that looks over the whole city.
Shop at: Via Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina.
Eat at: Gelateria Della Palma and try as many (150!) flavors as possible.
Snooze at: the couch of a local! Seriously the best thing you can do if you are interested in knowing a lot of the history of Rome. They’re willing to take you around the whole city in one day and you’ll know as much as others do in 4 days.

To do: Get inspired by all the quotes. Really, the city is full of them. ExitGame! I really regret not having the time to do it but the locals told me it’s a lot of fun. Must return for that!
Eat at: Vapiano, if you thought the best pasta is from Italy, you’re wrong. I had a pasta with king prawns/jumbo shrimp and spinach in a creamy sauce with homemade basil pesto. Order it and have a culinary orgasm. No, multiple. Afterwards have a cupcake at Ten to Three Bakery and feel like Alice in Wonderland (which is my favorite animated film by the way).
Shop at: Witte De With street. I wish I could move there. Very hipster.
Snooze at: Hostel ROOM where they have different themes in every dorm!

To do: Harry Potter (Warner Bros) studio tour and drink some butter beer over there. Also, spend as many days in Shoreditch as you can, the atmosphere is great!
Eat at: Tuckshop, 471 – 473 The Arches, Dereham Place, Shoreditch and order a salted caramel brownie. All the locals from the surrounding creative companies have their break over there.
Shop at: Primark, WAIT before you start judging me! 🙂 Buy a funny rain coat over there, check out my travel protips to find out why.
Snooze at: a local’s couch instead of staying at one of the overpriced or dodgy hostels.

Coming up: more hotspots!

Are you planning to check out one of my hotspots? Yay! Let me know by tweeting about it using the hashtag #teachmewhatever. You could also share this post on Facebook and mention my page. I’d love that. Thank you for reading this and happy travels! 😉


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