1 year of everything.

This week marks one year of everything. One year living in the beautiful city of San Francisco. One year of living on my own… with amazing room mates. One year of learning tons at my first job.

Exactly one year ago, I tried to fit “my whole life” into two bags, and took off to California. Turns out my whole life consisted of one suitcase filled with chocolate and other things I figured I wouldn’t be able to find in the USA, and the other with clothes that I soon discovered to be not quite right for the sunny San Francisco. Little did I know, they have Belgian chocolate two blocks from where I live. For my fellow Belgians, Cheese Plus is the place to be. And San Francisco isn’t really foggy (try harder, Karl) at all, at least where I’ve been hanging out so far. It’s incredible to live for over 20 years in a country where it’s rainy, cold, and grey most of the time, and now wake up every morning and see blue skies. It’s something I’ll never take for granted.

When I moved here, I set goals for myself. A big important goal, was to make friends. To build out a network of people that I love having around, and that would love having me around too. I picked some weird monthly goals to do, like “get at least one coffee with someone new”, or “text someone you’d love to know more about, but didn’t initially know how to keep the conversation flowing”. As awkward as it felt at the time, I’m glad I did. Everyone’s always busy here, but focusing on my small goals helped me to get to know people better, people that I know consider my friends.

I’ve had a blast so far. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of it.


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