A week in Antwerp

I’m back in my home town of Antwerp in Belgium for a couple of days, and I feel incredible! Even though, I’ve been working at night (when my work day in San Francisco starts), I’ve enjoyed lots of family time in the morning. Y’all who know me, have heard about my love for bread, Nutella, fries, and potatoes many times, and that’s basically what I’ve been living on the past 5 days. Whenever I come back to my home town, I enjoy going to the shops and malls I’ve known my whole life. You know your way around, you have an exact route, and it just feels right. My two favorites places are “Meir Antwerpen” and “Wijnegem Shopping Center”, the ultimate shopping power duo. I’ll get everything from shoes, to perfume, to accessories and dresses. A snap shot of my day:

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Today was great! 👛🕶✌🏼️

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Antwerpen-Centraal is the most beautiful train station in the world. Every time I’m there, I just need to snap a picture. You might have heard someone call Antwerp the “diamond city” before, so when you get a chance, go check out the many jewelry shops near “de Pelikaanstraat”. Pro tip: If you’re thinking of treating yourself  or someone else to a necklace, go check out “Rijfstraat” or “Appelmansstraat” where very high quality gold is sold at the most correct prices. It’s also a good spot for getting a watch fixed or resized. I got mine done for 7 euros.

And after just a day, here’s everything I got. Notice how all these brands are from Europe? Zara was founded in Spain, Scotch & Soda is from The Netherlands, Torfs is a Belgian brand, Swarovski (I bought my grandma’s gift here, she just turned 75!) is from Austria, and H&M and sister company COS are both Swedish. I had a blast. If you need any advice on where to go, ask me anything on Instagram!




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  1. Froy says:

    Ge ziet er ook echt op iedere foto fabulous uit hé! 😀 Geniet van je tijd terug in België! 😉

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