Norwegian with Hege

Two weeks ago, a Norwegian girl named Hege reached out to me on Instagram after seeing my “A Day with” feature on Sasha’s @sanfrancisco Instagram. She said:

“I just discovered your Instagram and blog today and so excited to see another European in San Francisco caring about blogging and digital media! I can teach you some Norwegian or if you see anything else on my blog/social that could be fun? :)”
teachmewhatever norwegian IMG_4413
Of course, I had to take her up on that offer. As I have never been to Scandinavia, I asked her about the main differences between Norway and let’s say Sweden or Denmark when it comes to vocabulary and the pronunciation of words. What I learned?
  • Danish and Norwegian are pretty similar in writing but the pronunciation is very different.
  • Most Norwegians can both understand Swedish and Danish, and the other way around.
  • The Norwegian Alphabet has 29 characters. It incorporates the standard Latin alphabet with 26 characters, but adds æ, ø and å.
  • “Teach me whatever” means “lær meg hva som helst”.

IMG_4292 teachmewhatever norwegian .jpg

Make sure to have a look at Hege’s blog here. Did you enjoy reading this or want to teach me something new as well? Reach out on Instagram or email



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  1. I think it’s true that Swedish people can understand Norwegian and Danish, but Danish is definitely harder. It’s easy to understand the writing, but their pronunciation is so different that it can be really hard to understand most of the time 🙂

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