Thankful Tuesday on Monday

My friends Aimee and Shikha who also have blogs keep a tradition of regularly sharing what they’re thankful for, usually called “Thankful Tuesday”. Therefore, I’m dedicating this blogpost to moments that I have enjoyed in the past weekend.

On Friday night, I went to Lazy Bear for the first time and boy, it was phenomenal. We started upstairs where we had a grand view of the kitchen and could take a look at all the appetizers that were being prepared in front of our eyes. Then later, we went downstairs where we got to eat tartare, lamb, potatoes and even pigeon. A total of 12 dishes, all to die for.



On Saturday, I scooted (the Razor-kids-kind) down the Embarcadero during the day and went to my friend Shikha’s birthday party at night. The next morning, I hosted a brunch with 10 blogger friends at Belga and we ordered fries, Belgian waffles (as a Belgian,  I can tell you… these are the only real Belgian waffles in the city) and croque monsieurs.


I finished off the weekend by scooting (yes, I’m obsessed now) to Off the Grid at the Presidio with my friend Emily, where we got to try “Powder”. Their tag line is: Think shaved ice meets ice cream. We both got strawberry and it was a nice and refreshing way to cool down from the warm weather.


Finally, I crashed on my couch and watched some Sex and the City. The end of a perfect weekend.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you’d like to be invited to the next meet-up!


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  1. I can’t believe I missed this post but it’s so great! Here’s to many more lovely weekends 🙂

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