5 creative, functional and inexpensive ways to decorate your apartment.

Looking for some inspiration on how to turn your apartment (or house) into a home? Here are 5 tips to upgrade your place today.

1. Color, color, and more color

Even though picking earth tones, or opting for a full black and white interior is perfect when you’re going for that “minimalist look”, these colors can sometimes feel too safe. If you ever find yourself doubting whether to follow your mind (“Pick grey, it goes with anything, it’s the smarter thing to do.”) or your heart (“I love that peacock couch, but will I get tired of it soon?”), I encourage you to make a bold move. The world is your playground, and bringing colors into your life will make you wake up happy every day. (P.S. Here’s the peacock couch, that I almost bought in grey, mixed with a colorful giraffe painting.)


2. Funny accents are everything.

Bring personality into your home by going for funny accents, whether it’s in the bathroom, in your living room or even inside your kitchen cabinets. Ask yourself “why not”, and start pursuing any opportunity to make something look extraordinary.

Why not get that pineapple pillow for your couch?  Why not get cups with watermelons instead of a 6-pack of standard glasses? Why not choose for the shower curtain that makes you laugh?




Do this, and your everyday activities, like drinking water, taking a shower or watching tv will be so much more fun.

3. DIY – Make your own

Nothing brings more joy than something you created yourself. Whether it’s IKEA furniture, a painting, or something you crafted from scratch, bringing Do-it-Yourself objects into your home will make you smile. Here’s an Ampersand Marquee light I made from scratch with: 1) &-shaped cardboard  2) a Christmas string of light bulbs 3) Copper colored paintIMG_7856

4. Functional yet. fabulous

As I disclosed in my last photo, I like the look of copper, which is why I bought this copper basket below. When thinking through ideas on how to decorate your apartment, try to buy things that are functional, but look great at the same time. Below are 3 examples of functional objects which I turned into “statement decorations”. First, the copper basket which can hold your mail, rent checks, or anything miscellaneous while looking artsy.


Suitcase turned nightstand. If you love to travel, but have a tiny apartment (hello, big city life) it can be tricky to store your luggage. Instead, why not invest in a colorful suitcase and permanently use it as your nightstand? It’ll leave you dreaming for your next vacation.


Notebooks, birthday cards, posters. Stack them on top of a table or dresser, and instantly cheer up a space. Also, have any hobbies like yoga, tennis, biking? Display your equipment in parts of your home to add personality.


Skateboard or coffee table? When picking different things for your home, check out a flee market, or look online for ways to make a normal object look interesting.


5. Bring things home from vacations. 


Thanks for reading this post! Hopefully, it inspired you to start decorating your place today. If you enjoyed this post, connect with me on Instagram (@teachmewhatever). I’d love to hear (or see) how YOU like to bring color into your life. Leave something in the comments below, or tag @teachmewhatever in your photos on social media, so I can take a look.


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  1. Froy says:

    Aaah, seems like such a great and cosy place! 😀

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