About teachmewhatever

Hi stranger, nice to virtually meet you! Allow me to introduce myself using this movie & a picture story of my magical journey.

Still here? Great! Are you wondering how I got in contact with all of these amazing teachers? How I came up with the idea? Who I am? You’re about to find out! Here’s my story:

Yup, that’s me! My name’s Kay, what’s yours?

Once upon a time… I couldn’t sleep. After graduating in digital marketing and seeing all my classmates start their life, I wanted to do something different. To enrich myself with the skills of complete strangers in order to figure out what I’m passionate about. During one of my sleepless nights I came up with the idea to link all my offline learnings to an online adventure: teachmewhatever.


Being an impulsive creature, I couldn’t wait to create a blog as well as accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. One week later I released my website and started this “crowsourced” adventure by asking people where I should go, where I should sleep and what things I could learn…


I will always remember how I was thrilled that 20 people liked the page. I completely lost my mind when  250 people started following the project within 24 hours. Being quite insecure, my self esteem got a big boost. I felt so grateful and I still do… every day.

teachmewhatever burger with pomegranate

“I need content” I said, which made me ask a random blogger to teach me whatever for my first video. He responded the same day and that night we made personalized burger in his kitchen. Oh by the way, I’m obsessed with food. Just so you know 🙂

foto'ke fotoke

In that same week I had a LOT OF LUCK. Two companies (A.S. Adventure & SONY) saw my burger video and told me they liked the project that much they would sponsor my backpack, camera & more travel gadgets. Such a relief as I was already spending a big budget on flight tickets, hostels and of course food. After all, I was paying for everything myself with the money I had worked for as a student.




A lot of cool things happened in that same week. Legendary beatboxer ‘Scale’ taught me the basics of his passion which resulted in recording my own jingle. I also got contacted by national radio station “Q-music” who wondered if I wanted to learn how to be the perfect radio host. HELL YEAH! And one day later I also got invited by television station 2BE to feature in one of their episodes. Crazy! At this point I was absolutely blown away by the attention my project…and I must admit that I was really awkward while being interviewed.


A few days later I had the impulsive idea to order 250 business cards as I found a website that gave them for free. “Hey that’s not such a bad idea”. I crossed my fingers hoping they would arrive on time. After all I was leaving in 5 days with no plan, tickets or place to sleep. Off to Lisbon in Portugal!


Luckily the cards arrived a day before I left, hooray! Up in the air I wrote secret messages in the magazines for other people to find them. Lots of passengers gave me weird looks when I started writing my story in every single magazine on the airplane. When I finished the magazines, I started talking with a couple of locals of Lisbon.


Having a good feeling, I went straight to their house to join them for dinner. I stayed one night at a hostel (just to be sure, you know) but I spent the rest of my week on their couches. Very exciting! We became close friends and I still talk to them every day. Filipe, if you read this: big hug!


Leaving Lisbon for Barcelona left me with mixed feelings. I absolutely loved the Portuguese hospitality but I had a great time with my ‘Moustache family’. I met a nice aussie couple that’s been traveling around the world together for a year. I invited them to couchsurf at my place one day. I met a California girl (and yes, she was unforgettable) who taught me how to play her ukulele. Unfortunately I ran out of luck when my smartphone got stolen on my last night. But hey … I survived Barcelona 😉


Off to Rome where I couchsurfed at Francesco’s place for a week and learned a lot about the history of the city and… some life changing things about Pinocchio. I also learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube! And ate gelato. A lot of gelato.

teach me whatever

When I arrived in Prague, I was ‘homeless’. All the hostels were fully booked and nobody on the couchsurfing platform was available. That’s why I asked my Facebook community to help me out. Thanks to one of my followers (Laura, you rock!) I found a nice hostel where I had the time of my life. I bumped into a guy from San Francisco and we got really close!

IMG_8419 After leaving Prague I spent one night in Rotterdam to join the FIFA madness and made more friends. I got a little ill because at that point I had been surviving on 3 hours of sleep a night. Combining longs days, late nights and editing videos is tiring!

10448556_515904371871418_4308034461686603930_oWhen I came home from the first part of my journey I was absolutely exhausted and felt a little down. I had the feeling I had lost people their interest because of my social media absence. I got so lucky that a tv programme named JimManiancs called me to be their ‘host’ for a day. This was exactly what I needed to reinforce I was still going for it, 100%.


I met more great people and that same day I found out I actually have a cousin in London! That’s when I decided to take the first Eurostar and just leave. Meeting her was magical but my day at the Harry Potter / Warner Bros studio tours was even more magical!


I loved the people in London so much that I quickly ran out of business cards. Luckily someone offered me help… Well, not just someone. My absolute hero Musketon! We designed a cool sticker together and I started using it as my logo.

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-31 om 16.54.26

I’m proudly to give this sticker to random people in my next city which is a place that I really really really wanted to visit. Keep reading… 😉

facebook cover picture

I wanted to share my experiences with the world so I uploaded an aftermovie thanking all of my teachers. When I feel a little down, I look at that movie and start smiling. Thank you all so much for this beautiful opportunity. By chance, the movie caught the eye of journalists and more companies. My story got covered in multiple newspapers, magazines and tv/radio stations invited me to talk about teachmewhatever. I felt more confident about myself during interviews and really enjoyed sharing my journey. I thought it couldn’t get better than this… that’s when the greatest thing ever happened! Hello bank! called me to ask which city I would really like to visit if I had all the money in the world.

“Then we’ll get you there” they said.

WAIT WHAT?! Are you for real? Such a crazy opportunity! I immediately packed my bags, and have been living here ever since. Is there anything cool you’d like to teach me? Let me know.