1. How did you come up with the idea?
When I graduated in digital marketing, I felt like doing something extraordinary. Being part of “Generation Y” I love looking for the next big thing. Always eager to learn new things and passionate about traveling, I decided to start a social experiment called #teachmewhatever. The aim: to travel all by myself, asking random people to teach me whatever. And to inspire others to do the same.

2. What does a typical #teachmewhatever day look like? 
Every day is completely different but I usually wake up and check my social media (duh!) while having breakfast. Then I hit the road and ask random strangers to teach me whatever. If they are interested, I get my camera and start recording. Most of the time, I put my camera on a chair, table or whatever is near. Sometimes I ask another stranger to record. During the day time, I take some Instagram pictures to keep in touch with my followers.  Afterwards, I put all the clips on my computer and start editing which is a lot of work! As you might have noticed, I do everything myself but I really like it that way. When a video is ready, I upload it on YouTube and write content to update my blog. I always keep rewriting my whole website because I’m kind of a perfectionist. When a new post is online,  I share it on all social media. Recently I’ve been playing around with replacing my YouTube videos with Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook live.

3. Where are you from? 
I grew up in Antwerp which is a city in Belgium. If you don’t know anything about our country: we’re known for our chocolates, beer and fries. Not bad, right?

5. Have you collaborated with any big names?
Yes! I’m very thrilled to announce I got the opportunity to work together with these amazing people:

  • Sony Belgium: Thank you for sponsoring my smartphone and cameras!
  • Q-music: Can’t believe Wim Oosterlinck invited me to his radio show after discovering me on Twitter. It was pretty scary to know that 1 000 000 people could be listening but I had so much fun. Wanna hear my radio host skills?
  • 2BE: When “Splinternet” called me to interview me on national tv, I was thrilled! Such a unique opportunity. Rewatch my the full episode & behind the scenes footage here.
  • A.S. Adventure: I asked them for a backpack, they decided to sponsor all my travel equipment. Big shout out to their amazing team that supported me from the very start.
  • JIMtv: I was invited to talk about my project in the season finale of their tv programma “JimManiacs” and got to meet the legendary Eline De Munck!

6. Why are you doing this?
To find out, you can read the full story on my “About” page.

7. What have you learned so far?
To find out, check out the videos on my home page.

8. How do you feel?
Overwhelmed. Happy. Grateful.


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